Welcome to my Dating Disasters Diary blog!

Thanks for stopping by and reading the trials and tribulations of a woman looking for love on the internet. Internet dating has become so commonplace that we don’t really think about how this person you “chat” and email with is a complete stranger. Sure, we read his profile and think, ‘Wow, he sounds great!”, but he could be a total psycho for all we know. Embelishment on a resume certainly happens and profiles are no exception. We always try to put our flaws in the best light.

For example: “spunky” can mean “over emotional”, “fun-loving” can mean “irresponsible”, carpe diam can mean “I don’t think about the future, ever”, “laid back” can mean “Out of touch with my emotions”. You get the idea. You have a few in your profile, admit it.

After reading these stories, you may think I attract nothing but losers; but on the contrary, these stories represent the minority of guys out there on the dating sites. I have far more good stories than bad, but the bad ones are way funnier.

Enjoy and please leave comments or “likes” so I know someone is actually reading it?


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